Cambridge CELTA 4-week TEFL Course

The CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) course is intended for those with no previous experience who wish to enter the TEFL profession and for teachers with some experience but no previous training in the field.


CELTA Course dates 2017

September 4 – September 29
November 20 – December 15

CELTA Course dates 2018

January 22 – February 16 July 30 – August 24
 April 9 – May 4 September 3 – September 28
 May 21 – June 15 October 1 – October 26
 July 2 – July 27 November 12 – December 7


Important information

TUITION: 120 + hours per week including 6 + hours observed teaching practice
TIMETABLE: 09.00 – 18.00 Monday to Friday
DURATION: 4 weeks
AGE: 18 years +
MAXIMUM STUDENTS PER CLASS: 12/18 trainees per course and a maximum of 6 trainees per CELTA tutor

For anyone intending to enter the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) profession, the CELTA is the ideal qualification to have. It is the most widely respected and recognised teacher training qualification globally, and most reputable language schools worldwide make it (or an equivalent) a requirement for anyone they employ.

Another advantage of doing your CELTA with us is that we can interview you for available positions anywhere within the IH network.

Fee includes the University of Cambridge registration fee. You are not required to buy any books in order to do the course, and IH Belfast has an extensive library available to all CELTA trainees. We do, however, recommend purchasing one book on Teaching English as a Foreign Language – either Learning Teaching by Jim Scrivener or How to Teach English by Jeremy Harmer. One of these will be a very useful reference for the course and throughout your TEFL career.

If you would like to brush up on your language awareness and knowledge of grammar, we recommend Martin Parrott’s book Grammar for English Language Teachers; this is also an excellent reference book which will be of use throughout your teaching career. (We do not require trainees to have an in-depth knowledge of English grammar. Language awareness is acquired over time and over the course of your teaching career.) You can do further research on the Cambridge website regarding the criteria and assessment for the course.

The Cambridge CELTA is the most widely recognised and respected of the TEFL certificates available, with stringent criteria and guidelines set out by Cambridge ESOL (a department of Cambridge University). More detailed information on the course can also be found on the Cambridge ESOL website: For an idea of what jobs are available globally in the EFL industry and what is required for employment, look at the job listings at

2018 total course fee:  £1295*

Price includes:

Cambridge fee: £150

Registration fee: £50

Materials: £50

*Includes VAT .

Public Holidays 2017 Public Holidays 2018
March 17

April 14

April 17

May 1

May 29

July 12

August 28

The school will close on December 22 2017 and will reopen on January 8 2018.

March 19

March 30

April 2

May 7

May 28

July 12

August 27

The school will close on December 21 2018 and will reopen on January 7 2019.

Public holidays during a CELTA course are used as trainee study days.

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