Share Adventure Programme

The multi-activity English language programme at the Share Centre is a unique concept, a language programme like no other.

Important information

TUITION: 10 lessons of classroom time plus full day of multiple activities integrated with native speakers. Teachers accompany students on all activities and monitor “emerging language” that they can then introduce in the classroom sessions.

Total teaching hours: 10.00

DURATION: 2 weeks
AGE: 12 – 16 years
LEVELS: All levels
MAXIMUM STUDENTS PER CLASS: 12 international students plus 6 local students
2019 COURSE DATES: 30 June – 14 July

14 July – 28 July

This integrated course involves the following concepts:

  • Complete integration with local English-speaking students who follow exactly the same programme
  • Learning new skills to gain international certifications
  • Environmental education and awareness
  • Implementation of CLIL methodology (Content and Language Integrated Learning)

When native English speakers and international students have a shared objective to learn a highly-skilled activity, this opens up a channel of communication in which the possibilities for language learning are limitless. Our local and international students are completely integrated in all their activities.
The way we treat our environment is massively important.

How we live our lives impacts the Earth both on a global and local level. Environmental education is at the heart of the Share Centre and is a recurring theme throughout. Students learn how to enjoy their environment but also how to minimise their impact on it and help to protect it. The seven principals of “Leave No Trace” can be applied to how we should live our lives in general.

Unlike in a classroom setting where teachers strive to create a context with books and materials, the context is already created in the environment. This gives students an advantage in understanding meaning of language before analysing it.

All numbers and ratios of local native speakers to international students are carefully considered to ensure learners maximise their use of English. The full day’s language is reviewed in a two-hour classroom session at the end of each day’s activities.

Price includes:

    • Tuition
    • Full-board residential accommodation
    • A full and varied activity programme of sports and local visits
    • One full-day excursion per week
    • Transfers to and from Belfast or Dublin airports.*

*Out-of-hours supplement of £50 return. If a transfer is needed before 08.00 or after 22.00 (arrival time at the airport), then the supplement is applied.

2019 prices
£1460 (for 13 or 14 nights)

Arrival on Sunday. Maximum stay 14 nights (Sunday – Sunday).

Extra night (making 15 nights, arriving Saturday or departing Sunday): £100